Questions regarding 10.5:1 compression and superchargers


I recently came across a killer deal on a Vortech T-trim from a good friend of mine, and now I'm thinking about going with a blower on my car.

The combo is a 10.5:1 compression 357W. Ported TFS heads, tight lash solid roller cut for nitrous by Jay Allen, Probe pistons, eagle rods, and a stock crank.

Right now the car has a NOS pro-race fogger on it, jetted for a 225 shot. But filling bottles sucks.

My idea was the slap the T-trim on my car, fab up a air-to-air intercooler, throw on a water/meth kit, and pulley it for about 10 lbs of boost.

I plan to run a very conservative tune on pump gas for the street, and run a much more agressive tune with race gas and the water/meth for the track.

Is this a good game plan or am I just asking for trouble with compression as high as it is?

I have heard of people running a supercharger with 10.5 to 1 with a big air to air cooler and OTS cam.
Driveability may require some constant tweaking in order to be friendly in traffic.
A custom cam for the T trim would help bleed off some cylinder pressure to make it a little bit more street friendly.
But seeing that your only 10.5 to 1. a good tune even with you current cam should be a blast to drive.
I don't see a problem with it.

Hey I know this post is old but I wanted to know if you went with the blower and 10.5 compression and how it turned out.
I'm in the prosses of doing the same thing and didnT know anyone that tried it.
just wanted a feed back on how things went if you tried it


Keeping the detonation down is gonna require a lot of attention with 10.5 compression. Just look at the first post in this thread


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