Stock 302 crank with 5.4" connecting rods??

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Ok, so here it goes. I have bought some heads with matching pistons. The pistons are for .030 overbore, but they have to be used on rods with a .927 pin diameter. The only connecting rods I found with that are 5.4's. So, I figured.... couldn't I just buy some 5.4" rods and put them on the stock crank after getting it checked out and everything?? Would that work, I really don't see what would be the problem. And what cubic inch would that make it seeing how a stock 302 with a .030 overbore is a 306?? Thanks

What stroke and rod length are the pistons designed for?  The pistons will dictate what rod length you will need with the stock crank.  The displacement will still be 306 with a stock crank and .030 pistons.   Bore, stroke and the number of cylinders dictate the c.i.d of the engine.

I have no idea what stroke they were for, they are still on there way to me. The guy had got them in a trade with the heads. They are forged with a 1.188 compression height and a .927 pin diameter. That is all I know about them. He also said he had recalled the guy telling him he was going to use the pistons on a 5.4" rod. I will see if he can get some more information.

You'd have to deck your block .10" from the 'stock' 8.2" to use a 5.4" rod.  I believe this to be a substantial amount...that could definitely cause some havoc with intake alignment, etc etc.  A 5.5" rod would work MUCH better, giving you a 1.19" compression height requirement (very close to your 1.188").  Oddly enough lol, I just put a set up for sale (for a friend)...but you would have to have them rebushed for the .927" pin.  Any decent machine shop could do that.

My friend wants 275$ for those rods btw.

Let me know.

Cris  :smile

Oh and  :welcomesbf!


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