351 windsor flat tappet block vs roller block

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I'm a old fart trying to figure out motor for coupe that I' starting to build with my 17 yr old son.
I bought a 85 coupe 4cyl car and want to put a 351 in it. Late roller motors are easier to find,
but is worth the effort to hold out for earlier model engine to build?
Car will be a street ride with occasional bracket racing. My thoughts at this time are 357 with hydraulic cam, 750 carb, C4 with 2800-3500 converter, and 8.8 with 3:55-4:10 gear.
all advice and information greatly appreciated.

Bobby and Brandon

I've had several that have ran very good with hydraulic flat tappets (11.20's on motor-10.30's on a 150 shot).

 My current ride is a 85 GT with a 357, and it ran a best of a 11.97 with a hydraulic flat tappet...but it had issues and now I'm gonna try a solid flat tappet from Camshaft Innovations.

I have all ideas when it goes back together it should run mid 11's, and this is my daily driver.

At that power level any 351W block will be just fine, I would go with a roller block and run a hyd. roller from Jay Allen.


Im just gonna add that you need to get more specific about what the car will be. 2800-3500 stall...big diff in converters there. Gear ratio 3.55-4.10 again big diff.  A street car with 4.10s and no OD is not much of a highway car.  A "mild" 400 fwhp 351W can be built with ease using a ots hyd flat tappet cam and its much cheaper.  Now.....if I have the money...I go would custom hyd roller...its one of those "best of both worlds" deals imho. You have to know 2 things for sure before you order a single part.  How much money you have for this and what the use of the vehicle is really going to be.



I would go roller cam.  What kind of transmission are you looking to use in this applicatiion?


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