Water pump survival...


So I've noticed a trend. On cars that sit a long time with out being started or driven. Do to many possible reasons. It seems like once I get them going.. The water pump always shits the bed relatively soon after. I've believed / been told that the seals dry up which causes that horrid squeeling sound followed soon after by the leaks.

I'm planning on getting this van started this weekend.. Its a 5.0. Is there anything I can do be fore hand prior to starting at that might give me a better chance to have it live? Maybe turn it by hand for a while or something? Seems like a long shot but worth asking.  :thanx:

Because my car can sit for long periods of time, I always use distilled water, and a water pump seal conditioner. Because the water pump main shaft is steel, it WILL develop rust around the inner edge of the seal. This always happened to me after the winter sit. I have had no problems since using the water pump seal conditioner. There are many different brands, so maybe do a search and use the one you feel the most comfortable with. Hope this helps! - Jason


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