302 engine block ID Code location


I was looking at a 302 that has been bored 30 over, its just a bare block with a box FULL of very neatly packages parts.
The block and parts have been sitting for a number of years
I guess I'll need to have the crank balanced as its not been standing upright.
I'll have the cams checked (3 of them in this box of goodies)  blah blah blah

1. what is neccessary to do for balancing the engine?
2. where the hell is the engine code on this block, the guy says its from an early 90's ford pickup truck.
I'm needing to know if its an HO or regular 302. and more too. but I cant find any stamping on the block.

You're looking too hard, there are 'Casting Numbers' back by bellhousing / oil pan rail area.  A '90 block will be F2TE for a 92 truck.  C is 60's, D is 70's, E is 80's, F is 90's.  I don't know what numbers an HO 302 block but I believe it should have the two 1/4" bolt threaded spots inbetween the banks of lifters for spider to hold the hyd. roller lifters aligned.
On the crank just have it indicated for runout to see if bent.  When you have everything needed for the engine then everything is checked for fit, etc., mocked up then you can balance crankshaft assembly which consists of the crank, rods, pistons/pins/locks if used, rings, bearings, flywheel/flexplate, harmonic balancer.
As far as the cams you first need to have the cylinder heads, intake, carb/f.i. and then you can determine what cam to use or buy a new one matched to Your Parts.


thanks guys.
so the difference between an HO block and a regular 302 block are the 1/4" bolt holes in the lifter valley./
got it! good.
sweet. thanks, i'll be taking a closer look at the block and parts this weekend, maybe i'll find the number this time...

Look about where the starter is for block  ID .


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