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Author Topic: Posting in SBFTECH or............  (Read 9108 times)
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« on: September 07, 2006, 05:58:27 pm »

Posting in SBFTECH.COM or the equivalent old-school version Director Post Dammit!!!

This announcement is made based on a trend that needs to be clarified. This is an open technical information forum, as such, YOU are encouraged to post any questions, technical information, tricks & tips, procedure write-ups, and such. OPEN forum means, even though we do have administrators and moderators, SBFTECH, concentrates in the exchange of experience, tech information, and the traditional exchange of other non-Ford related bullshit, hey, this is an old-school forum. As mentioned previously, keep that in mind:

Let me just clarify a few things real fast. I am NOT a board nazi, meaning I don't babysit and slap your hand if you say shit, fuck, asshole and so forth. Speak your mind! Give some respect you will receive some respect.

I don't have the typical god persona because I own a board. 99% of forums suck cause the mods or admins are constantly on a power trip. Bullshit. Not here!

Ok on to what's important, the boards main focus is to help anyone that has or is building a small block ford. This includes, 289's, 302's 351W's, Clevelands and Modifieds, 4.6 2V and 4.6 4V's. if you fit into this group you will love it here.

So, to expand on that thought:

  • Do you have questions? Please post, don't be afraid, start a thread.
  • Do you have any doubts regarding engine, transmission, gears, EFI, Carb, suspension rebuild, upgrade, mod? Please post, don't be afraid, start a thread regarding your problem(s).
  • Specific concerns, or inputs regarding a combo? Please post, don't be afraid. We don't have online dynos but we could help you set it, based on your expectations, our experience, and give you the info to make it as bulletproof/reliable as possible.
  • MISINFORMATION......we NEED to ID, explain and prove it as such. No need to get mad, feel bad, annoyed, or take it personal, although some comments and shit will be inevitable, again, it is not a reason to take it personal. It's the misinformation, or the topic under discussion, at the time, that is important. Argumentation is not only expected, but also encouraged. Facts and proof will definitely be requested/required; old-school only cares about the topic and results. Slurs are not important, and although they might be part of the discussion, guess what, it's usually the first sign of lack of proof or data. Again, it will be ID'ed as such (misinformation) and we'll ALL LEARN in the process.
  • Now...what is proof or data?....I think nobody cares about "thesis" like explanations, most Ford, or most performance entusiasts for that matter, do not have a BSME degree...but some tech info is always a plus...some proof, data, or tech info examples would be:

    - http://sbftech.com/index.php/topic,1170.0.html
    - http://sbftech.com/index.php/topic,1053.msg11215.html#msg11215
    - http://sbftech.com/index.php/topic,150.0.html
    - http://sbftech.com/index.php/topic,206.msg1453.html#msg1453
    - http://www.cranecams.com/?show=faq&id=5
    - http://www.secondchancegarage.com/public/156.cfm
    - http://www.yellowbullet.com/forum/showthread.php?t=6319
    - http://www.baselinesuspensions.com/info/pinionangle.htm
    - etc, etc

    Anything less?..Up to Something.......MISINFORMATION ALERT! = learning opportunity

  • As many of you have expressed:

    another reason you wont find me posting a lot is that i have gotten tired of some of the self styled experts who post mis information part of the time, but sound very expert.  if u try to point out they might be a little off, u end up in a pissing contest.  just not worth the aggrevation.  i've been doing this stuff since 1963, which only means i'm still learning every day.  i'm no expert.  i tend to only post things i have actually done, or helped do, or learned from a very knowledgeable person?..the internet has become a great source of information, but also a great source of misinformation.  some people are so in love with the sound of their own typing that they dont care if they mislead some poor guy who was just looking for some help.  the poor guy who asked the question really has no way of knowing who is giving him this advice, or how good it is.

That is the #1 reason for SBFTECH to continue providing an open forum, how could you identify and show misinformation as such, without exposing it? How could you be able to demonstrate it w/out having a place to do it openly, question or challenge it, w/out elitisms, in good faith? ...with the only expectation, after all is said and done, of getting responses like:

The misinformation thing is a bit harsh no? I mean I know I myself have given bad information before unknowingly. But I am happy to be corrected, that means I learned something that day  Smiley .

  ...Oops! ...yep..AGSF-32C's or Autolite 104's.....my bad... Need Coffee ...thanks for the save Mighty.

Yup...Embarassed...even I may fall into giving out bad info?accept it, learn, make the correction and move on....we?re only human. What's wrong with that?...

Since this is an OPEN FORUM, any misinformation, repeat, ANY MISINFORMATION will be tagged as such, but will not or may not be a cause for banning anybody. Unless the spreading of such misinformation becomes a habit.... Duhhh

As you may have already figured out, SBFTECH.COM could be classified as the resurgence of old-school mentality, philosophy, idiosyncrasy, approach or style (pick one, or two). Old-School is simply defined as a way of doing things the right way, even when limitations (time, money, resources) are present, in other words with the resources at hand, but understanding their limitations. There?s nothing wrong with that, but the limitations of those selections, need to be understood, and accepted.

Don't expect to build a 400+ HP engine with a B-cam and stock E7 heads, even if you spray it to death.....but if that's what you have...play!...set it right, and enjoy 14-12 second passes at the track.

Don't expect a 10 second car with the typical bolt on parts, used on daily drivers,..... don't expect 393 stroker power if you use/install 302 parts, but if that's what you can afford, understand that you'll only experience 302 power.

Budget is an issue??  then play,  but at the level you can afford......nothing wrong with that either...but do it right.

Anyway.... Phew.... as we would sum up this long rant, old-school style.....

Director Post Dammit!!!
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