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Title: OTS cam for 5.0 lopo
Post by: gator on November 06, 2019, 04:58:19 pm
Bought an old 55 F100 and got it running, best i can tell
its a 89 Lincoln lopo 5.0, roller cam w/standard 302 pattern, e6 heads, guessing it has cast dished pistions from what ive read. Weiand xcelerator,  600 holley, shorty headers, 2.5" exh, T5, 3.27 gear

Ive bought custom cams before from Jay and buddy rawls,  this ride will not get that treatment.

Just wondering if anyone has cammed a lopo long block like this?
Can it be cammed without ptv issues?
All i want from this engine is a good hitting lope, i know it will loose power and i dont have a problem with that. YEP, Want a cam for sound only which is a no-no i get it.

From my research it looks like the e6 head has the valves way up in the chamber with more free drop than an e7, and there shouldn't be any valve reliefs in the lopo dish pistons.

I will verify ptv clearance before engine runs, what im really asking is, what is your thoughts on what cam might fit with a good lope without fly cutting