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Title: 351w turbo build need some info on setting it up
Post by: 6904stang on September 01, 2018, 10:54:52 pm
351w, scat cast crank, forged scat rods, will be getting forged pistons but not sure on what compression ratio I should have it at? Looking to make 600 to the wheels. 180cc promaxx aluminum heads with 60cc chambers. Planned on running the FItech 1200 power adder fuel injection system with this setup. Right now I have a holley dominator dual plane intake. Running 76mm turbo with .96 A/R. I guess what I'm wanting to know is what compression ratio should I be looking for running 93 pump gas? What should I have my quench at with a turbo setup? What kind of cam should I be looking for? What rpm ranges would work best with this setup? I've heard and read up about crank wall issues at higher rpms and 600hp Mark's, should I get a cam with lower rpm range? Will the turbo still spoil up to max psi efficiently? Trying to build it right and watching and reading these guys with stock 351w putting s turbo on running 112 octane make 600hp and going 9s repeatedly is great but with what I'm doing I would say mine should be alot more reliable. So I'm trying to find these answers out so I can finish this build.