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Title: AP9 A9L A3M1 ECU's
Post by: SilverSVT on June 23, 2018, 09:59:21 am
Can someone kindly detail the differences between these ECU's?


- My '93 was switched over from auto to stick a few years ago, currently running with a A9P ECU.  
- Looking to get a backup ECU.
- Found a A3M1 at a fair price.


Understanding the A3M1 was the latest (or last) ECU to be paired with the Fox Mustang 5-Speed platform:

- Will the A3M1 ECU make ANY noticeable difference at all?
- How does the A3M1 compare to the A9L that everyone and his dog have?  I know there might be some timing differences compared to the auto A9P ECU...(would this be an advantage of the A9P over the A3M1 at all?).
- Also heard/read somewhere that if you switched from auto to stick, one has to change the oxygen sensor harness also (?)...something about wire resistance...

Yes, totally green on Mustang EECIV ECU's...I just wash my car.