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Title: Boost - 2-step - trans brake
Post by: vsixer on March 20, 2017, 11:43:22 am
So I need some ideas.

This is my blow thru coupe. 78/ 76 billet wheel journal bearing turbo. C4 trans, 3.27 gear, MT Pro Drag radial, MSD dizzy, Digital 6 plus, BTM pulling 1 degree per 1 lbs. after 5 lbs., timing set at 34 degrees. Running 16 lbs. of boost total.

On the 2 step set at 3500 my car will only make about 1 psi no matter how long I set on the 2 step and the trans brake.

I know it sound like a stupid question since I can turn up the 2 step to 4k, but I am running a drag radial and don't want to blow the tires due to the high launch RPM, or do I just turn the 2 step off and run against the trans brake to build boost which will be a higher RPM (don't actually know the trans brake stall against the new converter (Pro Torque) cause I have to turn off the 2 step.

This is a toy not a full drag car, So I only go to the track a few times a year.

Title: Re: Boost - 2-step - trans brake
Post by: juiced coupe on March 20, 2017, 12:50:55 pm
I believe that there are a couple ways to go about it.

Raise the launch rpm to where the engine wil be loaded by the converter. The load should cause it to build boost.


Setup the timing retard to pull extra timing while on the two step. This will cause unburned fuel to dump into the exhaust, and then ignite. In addition to building boost, this also makes a evil banging sound.