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Title: Rejetting a 2V carb for fuel mileage
Post by: danford1 on May 30, 2014, 11:48:15 am
I have a 66 Fairlane with a stock 289 2v with C4 and 2.80:1 rear end. It gets 18 mpg on the highway.
I'm going on a 3200 mile trip. I want to re jet the carb leaner for better fuel economy. I'm not concerned with tire smoking power...
It has a stock Ford carb with a C9ZF-G tag on it so it must be from a 1969 or newer car. I see it has screw in jets but haven't pulled one out yet.
Do you know if they are the same thread size as Holley jets? I have a full array of those...
If not  where can I get new jets? If they aren't available I'll solder up the hole and drill it smaller or pack good old JB Weld into the holes and drill that.

I already tried inflating the tires, advancing the timing, coasting down hills, driving an egg under the accelerator pedal etc. I think now is time to down jet.