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Title: Proven Drag Combos Information
Post by: Joel5.0 on November 17, 2006, 09:31:48 pm
Well guys...and ladies....aside the creation of the Tech Library, where a collection of tech is being organized for future reference, we will also have the

Proven Drag Racing Combos
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I will post a "records template" for the information you may want to share regarding your proven combo, including your time slips. Dyno data, if available, may also be added, but we will concentrate on what counts.....performance at the track. Windsors, Clevelands, Modulars, BBF combos and data are welcome....same goes with scans of your time slips, dyno graph, combo pics.............

Feel free to provide feedback regarding the information, additions, changes, things that should be deleted, etc. The reasons behind this section is to help you ID what to expect and compare it with your plans, or what you have today........(with some degree of accuracy of course....( )...and as I usually close up many of my posts.....LUK.... :cun:


Title: Re: Proven Drag Combos Information (WORK IN PROGRESS)
Post by: Joel5.0 on November 17, 2006, 10:16:50 pm

Provided by:

01. Block
  • Displacement:
  • CR:
02. Heads
  • Brand:
  • Model:
  • Ported?:
03. Camshaft (If the camshaft is custom, NOT providing this information is understandable, and NOT expected)
  • Brand:
  • Grind Number/Model:
  • Int./Exh. Duration @.050":
  • Int./Exh. Lift:
  • Lobe Separation Angle:
04. Induction
  • Carbureted/EFI:
  • Intake:
  • Carb/Injector Size:
  • Throttle Body Size:
05. Tuner:
06. Exhaust
  • Style: 
  • Diameter:
  • Catted:
  • "X" or "H":
  • Mufflers:
07. Power Adder:
08. Transmission
  • Manual/Auto:
  • Model:
  • Plate/Clutch:
  • Converter Stall:
09. Gears
  • Style:
  • Ratio:
  • Differential Style:
10. Rear Suspension Setup;
11. Front Suspension Setup:
12. Tires:
13. Car Weight:

Time Slip:
  • 60ft:
  • 300ft:
  • 1/8th ET:
  • 1/8th MPH:
  • 1/4 ET:
  • 1/4 MPH:
Dyno Data:
  • FWHP: 
  • FWTQ:
  • RWHP:
  • RWTQ:


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Title: Re: Proven Drag Combos Information (WORK IN PROGRESS)
Post by: Joel5.0 on November 18, 2006, 10:04:32 pm use the template, simply select and copy the tags-info in the "code" box below, and paste it in the editor box....fill the info with the text before the "/li" tags at each line for each data, add any section, information you deem important, or want to share. There's a "COMMENTS/OBSERVATIONS" sections at the bottom......

  • I modified the template to make it easier, simply delete the "INFO HERE" tag and type in your information between the "b" and "/b" tags. Delete the "INFO HERE" text if no information is going to be entered in the line item..... :thanx:


[center][b][size=14pt][b][color=brown]COMBO INFORMATION [/color][/b][/size][/b][/center]

Provided by: [b][color=brown]USERNAME HERE[/color][/b]

01. Block
[list][li] Displacement: [b]INFO HERE[/b] [/li]
[li] CR: [b]INFO HERE[/b] [/li]
02. Heads
[list][li] Brand: [b]INFO HERE[/b] [/li]
[li] Model: [b]INFO HERE[/b] [/li]
[li] Ported?: [b]INFO HERE[/b] [/li]
03. Camshaft [size=7pt](If the camshaft is custom, NOT providing this information is understandable, and NOT expected)[/size]
[list][li] Brand: [b]INFO HERE[/b] [/li]
[li] Grind Number/Model: [b]INFO HERE[/b] [/li]
[li] Int./Exh. Duration @.050": [b]INFO HERE[/b] [/li]
[li] Int./Exh. Lift: [b]INFO HERE[/b] [/li]
[li] Lobe Separation Angle: [b]INFO HERE[/b] [/li]
04. Induction
[list][li] Carbureted/EFI: [b]INFO HERE[/b] [/li]
[li] Intake: [b]INFO HERE[/b] [/li]
[li] Carb/Injector Size: [b]INFO HERE[/b] [/li]
[li] Throttle Body Size: [b]INFO HERE[/b] [/li]
05. Tuner: [b]INFO HERE[/b]
06. Exhaust
[list][li]Style: [b]INFO HERE[/b] [/li]
[li]Diameter: [b]INFO HERE[/b] [/li]
[li]Catted: [b]INFO HERE[/b] [/li]
[li]"X" or "H": [b]INFO HERE[/b] [/li]
[li]Mufflers: [b]INFO HERE[/b] [/li]
07. Power Adder: [b]INFO HERE[/b]
08. Transmission
[list][li] Manual/Auto: [b]INFO HERE[/b] [/li]
[li] Model: [b]INFO HERE[/b] [/li]
[li] Plate/Clutch: [b]INFO HERE[/b] [/li]
[li] Converter Stall: [b]INFO HERE[/b] [/li]
09. Gears
[list][li] Style: [b]INFO HERE[/b] [/li]
[li] Ratio: [b]INFO HERE[/b] [/li]
[li] Differential Style: [b]INFO HERE[/b] [/li]
10. Rear Suspension Setup: [b]INFO HERE[/b]
11. Front Suspension Setup: [b]INFO HERE[/b]
12. Tires: [b]INFO HERE[/b]
13. Car Weight: [b]INFO HERE[/b]
[b][color=red]Time Slip:[/color][/b]
[list][li]60ft: [b][color=red]INFO HERE[/color][/b] [/li]
[li] 300ft: [b][color=red]INFO HERE[/color][/b] [/li]
[li] 1/8th ET: [b][color=red]INFO HERE[/color][/b] [/li]
[li] 1/8th MPH: [b][color=red]INFO HERE[/color][/b] [/li]
[li] 1/4 ET: [b][color=red]INFO HERE[/color][/b] [/li]
[li] 1/4 MPH: [b][color=red]INFO HERE[/color][/b] [/li]
[b][color=navy]Dyno Data:[/color][/b]
[list][li]FWHP: [b][color=navy]INFO HERE[/color][/b] [/li]
[li]FWTQ: [b][color=navy]INFO HERE[/color][/b] [/li]
[li]RWHP: [b][color=navy]INFO HERE[/color][/b] [/li]
[li]RWTQ: [b][color=navy]INFO HERE[/color][/b] [/li]