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Title: Here is the lowdown about SBFTECH
Post by: woody on May 31, 2006, 02:33:12 pm
First off welcome home. Let me just clarify a few things real fast. I am NOT a board nazi, meaning I don't babysit and slap your hand if you say shit, fuck, asshole and so forth. Speak your mind! Give some respect you will receive some respect.

I don't have the typical god persona because I own a board. 99% of forums suck cause the mods or admins are constantly on a power trip. Bullshit. Not here!

Ok on to what's important, the boards main focus is to help anyone that has or is building a small block ford. This includes, 289's, 302's 351W's, Clevelands and Modifieds, 4.6 2V and 4.6 4V's. if you fit into this group you will love it here.

I have about 15 years experience with small fords and will spend most of my day here on the boards chatting with you characters. Answering any questions, off-topic bullshitting and more. I will also be writing some articles that you can read. Some will include, valvetrain geometry, block preparation, cylinder heads, shortblocks, longblocks, intakes, carburetors, efi and much more.

With that being said, feel free to PM me anytime for anything. I hang out at a few other Ford Forums but I will stop and be devoting all my time here. It's time for a REAL small block
board and the time has arrived NOW. Let's rock!! ;D